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    We need a cost average poll.

    Just wondering what everyone's cost average is... to get an idea of what would make the average investor whole. The last poll about this was a month ago and only asked about what people would be willing to sell for.

    I'm averaged in at 1.95 but would need to get about 2 bucks to break even after taxes.

    Thanks all.

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    I'm averaged in at just over a dollar.....I would have to figure it out with a calculator to be exact.

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    Ugh 2.50

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    How about how much $ are people down ?

    Cost average means nothing when you have bought & sold many times and have massive losses.

    Down about 200k (7 years savings), about 25k left to buy as I'm on sidelines as of today.

    If I buy 60k shares today at .40 cents, I guess I need the stock to go to about 3.70, right ?

    I want to jump off a ****ing bridge !

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    I'm averaged about $2.50 as well. Down from about $6.50 over the last few years. UGH! UGH! UGHITTY! UGH!

    Hey SXMinvestor, I've said it before dude....I KNOW you want to make your money back....or at least some of it. But it doesn't say anywhere that you HAVE to make it back in Sirius. You could put that 25K to good use in any number of quality stocks that have been beaten down by the markets crash.

    I'm just sayin'. Especially since Sirius just floated that possible 1 to 50 REVERSE SPLIT out there like some friggin guillotine ready to cut your shares down 50 TIMES! Imagine taking that 25K and having the shares you just bought with it cut down like that? Why put yourself in such a risky position?

    THAT was my BIG mistake back in 2007. I COULD have cashed out for a slight loss from Sirius. I also had a chunk of money still on the sidelines. I WANTED to invest in the solar company FSLR(which was $28 at the time).....but WHAT DID I DO????

    Yup. I KEPT my money in Sirius, and I TOOK that chunk of cash and AVERAGED down on Sirius instead.

    FSLR ended up going to $300 FRIGGIN DOLLARS that year, and Sirius went down from $3.50 to where it is now at 37 cents.

    Just saying bro. I KNOW the tendency is to MAKE it ALL back IN THE STOCK THAT SCREWED's like sitting at a blackjack table and being down....and NOT WALKING AWAY.

    But sometimes walking away from a stock is the best thing. Just to clear the bad VOODOO surrounding it that clouds your mind and judgement.

    Anyway...good luck.


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    It's not always the best advice to hop around. I was hoping to make the money I had lost in NYX back with SIRI and then I lost just as much all over again! Ouch!

    Sometimes it's best to stay with your convictions...

    I rode AAPL from $80 down to $50 and then sold it all when it broke $ then hit over $200 a short time later. Even with Apple back down to $100 now, I would have been better off holding it than riding down NYX and then SIRI.........ouch.......double pain!
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