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    My new HOPE for a Sirius Buyout.... mean WHEN Mel announces SOME sort of refinance deal...

    the stock may finally get out of the basement alittle.

    My HOPE is that this news and upward move might entice other parties to FINALLY express an interest in BUYING Sirius.

    If MSFT or GOOGLE saw the advertising potential of a nationwide product like Sirius...especially in these hard economic times....then a bidding war could start.

    I strongly feel this is our BEST short term hope of getting the pop we NEVER got AFTER the merger.

    Otherwise I see a long slow upward climb.

    Which is fine too...but I'd much prefer the exciting explosive buzz a buyout would generate. It would finaly cast a more positive YANG light on what has been a very dark YIN period we've been in for years now.

    Imagine if word got out that giants like GOOG or MSFT were interested in Sirius. It'd scare the shorts to cover and bring much needed positive attention back to Sirius.

    What do u all think? Pie in the sky? Or a real possibility?

    All hinges on the refinancing tho. Come on Mel. Give us some hope.

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    I believe that this is something that will be, re-fi pending, a very real possibility.

    The "wide audience reaching" ability of Sat Rad is bound to attract the attention of larger entities hoping to garner even more attention than they may already have. That is, of course, assuming Mel can work out a few "minor" issues in the near future.

    please note intended sarcasm in last line.

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    I can't believe we just hit 42 CENTS a FRIGGIN SHARE! An ALL new low.

    HOW can that be for a company that has 20 Million subscribers???

    It MUST be the debt!!!!


    I want to go on being a Sirius Listener and THATS IT.

    Sirius stock has been the MOST MANIPULATED STOCK I'VE EVER KNOWN.

    I KNOW the service will survive....but the STOCK??? HOLY ****ING acts like a DEAD company.

    There is such a disconnect that it doesn't make sense. LOVE the product. HATE the stock.

    But the pps has fallen so much that my averaged down break even point is so far away. There was a time when $3 seemed LOW.

    But now to reach that amount seems so far out of reach it might as well be on the FRIGGIN MOON.

    At this point, I would seriously consider getting out at $2 for a loss....but even THAT price seems LOFTY compared to where we are now at 43 CENTS!!!!!!

    We are now flirting with the 30 cent range.

    Either GO TO FRIGGIN ZERO AND END THIS 3 year pain for me....or move UP.

    I am so sick of this.

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    I couldnt agree more with the last post. My ass has been riding it down for 3 years now too. Just waiting on the tax writeoff life jacket(whatever thats worth). I was about to spend $500+ on some new equipment and another sub, but, thats not happening unless it goes above $1. In fact, if it keeps tanking, the wifes sub will be cancelled and I will be doing some target practice with my .45(on the satradio, not management). No use giving these aholes any more of my hard earned money. JMHUO(just my humble unsophisticated opinion)

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    love your posts man......act as if that money is gone. I have given up on this stock. I will still listen to the show and read siriusbuzz but let the hope go you will feel like crap for a wile but it will pass.

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    Mel better finance the ****ing debt himself after the unrelentless torture we all are going through. The pigs in wallstreet and their blowjob buddies in the FED and SEC ruined this country in a matter of 8 years. Maybe we can all chip in and buy a time machine.

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    I still can't believe we've hit an ALL TIME LOW today of 39 FRIGGIN CENTS!!!

    The lowest Sirius has EVER been before was 41 CENTS back on March 10th 2003 when they only had 100,000 subs!!!!

    Now we have close to 20 MILLION subs....and we've hit an all time low.


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    What was the intraday low that day in 2003?

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    Will we hit the lottery?

    I believe you should buy all you can at $.50 +/- because when cars start selling again they will all have Sirius radios and new radios are still in the pipeline for people like Best Buy etc. I have always seen $25 to 30 per's really the only show in town. So far as an anticipated buyout is concerned...look for Clearchannel to try.

    See you in the Breadline!

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    Conflicted Conundrum

    On the main Buzz board moments ago I said that I was considering pulling a "friggen" and dropping another $1K into SIRI on Tuesday to average down more. I forgot that, previously, I sent a nastygram to Sirius XM investor relations stating that I would not put another dime into the common unless Mel gets on a megaphone and starts building confidence. (Friggen, I'm PM on the main board.)