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    10-08-2008, 06:46 PM #1

    I changed my lifetime everything sub to

    lifetime family plus xm for 100.00 dollars..........
    never listen to howard,out q,maxim,playboy, or rap music so what the heck

    so I paid 399.00 for the lifetime sub
    then picked up the best of xm(only wanted the hockey) for 100.00

    499.00 all together................I am happy!
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    Me too ! just right now got off the phone. Upgraded to best of xm, and asked the customer service rep if they were getting alot of calls for this, and he replied : "yeah man, we are getting hammered" sounds good to me. just put in another order of siri stock, 4k shares at .38c , and if chrysler merges with gm, then this stock will be 5$ by the end of next year.