I was thinking about switching to mostly music but I see that there is no internet stream included in the package. I spend as much time listening via the internet as I do listening in the car so that is no good for me. I also get the premium upgrade.

Right now I have a Starmate 4 in my car and a Stiletto 100 with premium at home. The Stiletto spends it's time at home either in a Soloist or in the home kit attached to a stereo system. I run it exclusively off the Wi-Fi.

IMHO, I think the future will involve two types of customers. Ala Carte customers listening in their car and paying $6.99 and regular (everything) customers paying $12.99 + $2.99 premium internet (or $16.99 with Best of + $2.99 premium internet) listening via radio in the car and internet device in the home. I would love to see an internet enabled Conductor like device. The Logitech Squeezebox is cool but costs too much but does alot more than just Sirius