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    I currently have a sportster original wi a full replacement warranty. im thinking about returning it or a new one. but

    I was thinkin about getting a stiletto. they all look similar. the st2 looks like it may have more features but for the extra money doesnt seem worth it compared to the st 10 and 100.

    can someone let me know the main differences in them. also how do they work indoors in an office building and home.

    thanks are they worth it.?

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    The Sirius Stilettos have many more features than the plug and play models such as the Sportster. The current model is the Stiletto 2. The Stiletto 100 and Stiletto 10 were previous models. The main difference between the Stiletto 100 and the Stiletto 10 is the Stiletto 100 has wi-fi capability and the Stiletto 10 doesn't. The Stiletto 2 is the replacement model for the Stiletto 100. It is smaller and has some added capabilities including a SD memory slot for MP3s. If you don't want to use the wi-fi then stick with the Sportster.

    The Stiletto 2s are in the $300 range. Leftover new and refurbished Stiletto 100s can be found in the $100 range. I have had a Stiletto 100 for over a year now and love it. Does it have it's quirks? yes. The Stiletto 2 has less quirks than the Stiletto 100 but both are good radios in my opinion.