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    Signal refresh doesn't work

    I have a valid subscription to Sirius, and have used it in my car for over a year. But it failed to work (no stations subscribed) several months ago, and I'm trying to restore my connection. I get audio on the Preview Channel, but doing the refresh procedure (entering my radio ID, having my car where it can receive the signal, tuning to the right channel, waiting for 15 minutes, etc.) does nothing.

    I can log into the Sirius web site, which says I have a free trial ending 4/13/26, but, oddly, I can't log into my Sirius cell phone app, because it says neither my radio ID nor my account number are found in their records.

    Has anyone else had these issues but was able to resolve them?

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    You should probably call or online chat with SiriusXM. Usually a free trial only lasts for 2 or 3 months, not 2 years (you said free trial ending 4/13/26). Also, the XM online billing access is a different id and password than the listening app. Good luck.

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    Try clear data clear cache on the app if you reenter your login and it works, then your subscription is Valid. If it does not, then you have a subscription that expired.

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