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    12-01-2023, 11:25 AM #1

    Who was the genius who cancelled 40's junction?

    I just wonder, who is this marketing genius of a person, who decided to cancel 40s junction.
    Does this [s]idiot [/s] wonderful marketing prodigy understand he has just alienated a whole cohort of people, not even necessarily old folks, who like to listen to American 40-s classics?
    Does he not understand that right now, during the Christmas season, when you hear the Christmas songs when walking into any store, and the only place one would hope not to hear it would be a home appliance like a fridge or a washer, but even that is not a given fact. does he understand that adding one more place, while removingthe one where we had a refuge from this noise does not add much to the company's image or marketing glory, but truly makes me want to not listen to Sirius EVER AGAIN? This was one sole reason I subscribed to Sirius, and now you have taken it from me?

    Screw you.
    I will let this subscription expire and will never ever again subscribe, short of you offering me 3 years free with 40s Munction back untouched on channel 71. Or better yet, at 4.

    Without any warm wishes, may your relative gift you with tons of most useless ugly sweaters this year.

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    '40s Junction is not canceled. Channel 71 is Holiday Traditions until December 26 and then '40s Junction will return. They do this every year.

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    Holiday Traditions plays a lot of '40s and '50s. I have heard Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Nat "King" Cole, Johnny Mathis, Glenn Miller, Judy Garland, Perry Como, the Mills Brothers, the Andrews Sisters and many others.

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    Well, I have gone through the other channels. Tom Petty, Beatles, some others. None is playing mostly Christmas sogns.
    Couldn't they rededicate some of the many truly useless channels?
    Or at least, keep the name (which has changed) and play thos occasionally.
    I love Christmas, but I am sick of the stuff that causes people to put bumperstickers "Keep Christ in Christmas on their cars."
    Once a day I do not mind hearing about Rudolf's plight and then his luck all over again (bad song, teaches kids about bullying and the fact that only Santa can stop it), but it is truly more than enough of it around without one more Sirius channel playing it.

    I am afraid to turn on my coffe machine after Halloween. I think it might play something of the sort while heating up.

    Well, good to know it will go away, but I'd rather it had never come.

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    40's Junction plays all year round on the SiriusXM app. The app is easy to install on PC, Mac, and smart phones. Heck, I even have a Blu-ray player with the app, so lots of options. Like others have said, you will still hear a smattering of Christmas music on 40's Junction from time to time during the holiday season. No escape for you.

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    They should put 40s back on 4 and 50s back on 5. Punch the idiot who moved them.

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    04-05-2024, 07:29 PM #7
    I agree. I just set my preset #4 to 40's Junction on my Onyx plus radio. Problem solved!