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    11-08-2023, 03:41 PM #1

    Deep Tracks channel reassignment

    Can someone in the know explain to me why Deep Tracks as of today 11/8/23 has been moved from Ch. 29 to Ch. 308?!

    The reason I'm asking is because I can't be the only one with an older car radio that doesn't allow me to program to a channel number that high. Therefore, unless I'm somewhere listening to the SXM app I'm not allowed to listen to Deep Tracks in my car any longer.

    Am I the only one PO'd about this? Sorry but I'm not about to go buy a new car or a replacement head unit assuming I could find one to fit my '17 Sonata just to satisfy SXM's seemingly random channel changes. Is there a good technical reason behind this change? What's in it for them, or for us for that matter?

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    11-11-2023, 11:29 PM #2
    Just another dumbass move by SiriusXM. Deep Tracks was my go to channel along with Jam On. Now nothing.

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    01-11-2024, 12:49 PM #3
    I joined this to say exactly what deckm56 said. DeepTracks is the best. Nearly the only reason I subscribe. Now I can't listen to it in my vehicles. Oh wait, there is now Green Day Channel! Give me a break. Bring back Deep Tracks to broadcast channels.

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    Deep Tracks moved to channel 308. Starting tomorrow, February 27, it will also be on channel 107 but I do not know if this is permanent or just temporary.

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    Deep Tracks will be on channel 107 only through Sunday, March 3. I do not see the point of this.

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    They just like pissing us all off.