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    Sirius's Deletion of Met Opera Radio

    I just learned Sirius is canceling live 24/7 Met Opera Radio on Channel 355, and sending it to the outer reaches (the phone app). This makes it so much harder to listen to in the car. They did this to the folk channel (The Village) in the past. But why? Not enough listeners? Was this a Sirius decision or did the Met have something to do with it? I'm OUTRAGED and HORRIFIED! Anyone else really upset? Know anything?

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    If you have a smart phone and a Bluetooth connection on your car stereo (most stereos do for hands free calling), just install the SiriusXM app and enjoy. Make it even easier, and plug in a $10 first generation "Alexa Auto" device (from eBay) to a cigarette lighter plug or USB port in your car, and it will auto connect to your phone when you jump in your car. All you will have to do is say "Alexa play Met Opera Radio on SiriusXM" / or "play the Village on SiriusXM" and away you go.
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