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    Bluetooth Speaker use with Onyx Plus SXPL2 and a SXBTD1V1?

    Good day. I am new to Sirius and picked a Onyx Plus SXPL2 and a SXBTD1V1 (Bluetooth dock). I am trying to use the Bluetooth Dock with a simple Ryobi Bluetooth PAD02B speaker. To be used for our coach of our RV and outdoors nearby (why I need bluetooth to work). Do I need to upgrade our speaker to another kind or how do you get a bluetooth speaker to work with the SXBTD1V1 Bluetooth dock? We use outside cell phone service range so using the APP through a phone to bluetooth speaker not an option.

    I have read people can use speaker with the bluetooth dock but I'm obviously missing something!

    Thanks so much!

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    I also use a Ryobi bluetooth speaker with the Onyx plus dock while camping (the stereo model PAD01B, but I also have the model of speaker you are trying to use, and yes that one does also work). You have to make sure both the Bluetooth dock and the Ryobi speaker are in "pairing mode". I had to try a few times to make it work, but persistence paid off. Once you get them paired they will auto connect once you turn them both on at the same time again.