HI all, new user. I have SiriusXM in my car, and just started using the iOS app on my iPhone and iPad.

One problem seems to really be slowing down my use of the app. So, I listen to a "Favorites" show that has downloaded. It's probably a 2 hour music show. I listen on my iPad, and get to, for example, 35 minutes. But then, if I listen on my iPhone, it has not synced to that time - so it starts from the beginning. And then, there is no way on any device to fast forward/use the progress slider to manually sync it. I found the skip ahead, but it allows about 1 minute an hour then you et a "wait until x:xx pm" message before you can skip again.

While many times it has not synced between devices, I think that one time i picked up my iPhone and it was at the same location for the show as on my iPad - I don't know how that happened. But it has given me hope!

Does anyone else listen to the same show with two different devices throughout the day? How do you do it? Thanks!