Hello, just a minute ago found this sight, been looking, was on an old site.

I have used my SkyFi"s" in docking stations since 2003, I have each vehicle set up, I have good hidden antennas on all but this one, my 1977 Ford F-150. For years I have used a magnetic mount on the dash with a long lead hanging loose so if headed north, I can place the antenna at the back glass. If headed south, the dash is fine and if going west or east, the dash is generally OK, but there's that long lead.

I have used dash mounted antennas with great results. Our Mustang has it's antenna under the rear package carpet under that big just slanted glass. Our Mercury GM and a Thunderbird do well with dash mounted ... but this '77 pickup has a real steep windshield so that the roof blocks signals from the south when I'm headed north. I've had two Gold Wing MCs which had the antenna mounted in top of the rear travel trunk, no issues. My Wife's Forrester has factory set up, and separate account.

Until tonight, it never occurred to me to look for a through glass option. You know, where the antenna mounts outside stuck to glass and a feed sticks inside, like canner antennas we used to use on police cars. I see them on Google, but mixed reviews. I just had the truck repainted, lots of new sheet metal, I don't want to drill holes. I did consider a roof mounted antenna like my '07 Ford uses, but I know it means a hole.

Anyone here use a through glass adhesive mount, no holes drilled antenna?