Anyone else have an issue signing in to the app on the new Apple TV 4K? I've been listening with no issues on the Apple TV 4K (1st Gen) and when I switched boxes it will not accept a login in any way possible. I've tried reboot, delete/reinstall app, changed password, everything. I tried via my phone and there was no notification set there. I tried to activate via, punched in the code, nothing. Tried entering my username/password directly to the app on the Apple TV and when I hit enter, the little ball just spins. I've walked away for 30mins and was still going. Plugged the old box in, logged in, and bam, up and running.

Anyone else have this issue? SiriusXM support have not been able to help. The other 20 odd apps that I have on the box have all worked seamlessly and no issues logging in. I would rather not return the box when it seems like this one app is FUBAR.