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    07-11-2022, 05:32 PM #1

    Why is SXM support so incredibly bad?

    After 16 years with SXM, I had to pull the plug. I bought a new car. I wanted to transfer my SXM subscription to my new car. I spoke with four SXM techs over two days. Not one could figure out how to make that transfer and light up my new car SXM receiver. So, that means I either had to get a different new car, or I had to cancel SXM. Since I ordered the car three months ago and had it bult, I decided to keep the car and dump SXM. What can ya do, right?

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    So you got rid of SXM. Was it really necessary to post your complaint on five different threads???

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    Sure...why not, right? Do you have a problem with that?
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    It is super easy to swap radios. Sign in to your account online and select "replace radio" type in the new radio id and it's automatic, done in 3 minutes. No need to call anyone.

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    Exactly! As a support agent radio swap is super easy! And we are no where near scammers lol... Customers need to listen to verbal agreements and email confirmations ... Yes we do have to do auto renewal as we are a subscription company. Cheers