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    03-19-2022, 02:28 PM #1

    Why does Sirius constantly remind me what music channel I am listening to?

    I don't mind the DJ's on the Sirius channels, but what bothers me is about every 2 or 3 songs they will tell me I am listening to music channel whatever. I already know this so why do they do this?

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    This doesn't bother me. It is not much different from music radio stations playing jingles several times an hour.

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    Yeah that and the fact the music channels are now full of stupid shows! Talk talk yap, yap yap.
    When I first got Sirius when it first launched the music channels actually had music, and it was a
    cool unique song every go around. Now its repetition and talk ,just like FM and FM has better sound quality.
    Eddy trunk doesn't yap this much on FM......but he does on Hair Nation.
    The other guy who yaps all the time is Jose Manga on Liquid metal .
    And don't get me started about Shade 45, they were saying the Irish people are car bombers on Saint Patricks day, how disrepectful!
    The company Sirius does not care what they say at all.
    I tried contacting them about the constant updates on the radios and they could have cared less........
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