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    SiriusBuzz Fantasy Football League Week 4 Results

    Sorry for the lack of results last week as I was very busy at home. But fear not, trophies did get assigned.

    As far as week 4 results, here we go:

    Stud of the Week:
    The Chicago SIRIans are back in their spot as studs after totaling 117 points. The SIRIans also remain the leagues ONLY undefeated team.

    Dud of the Week:
    Team, hit hard by BYE weeks, combined for only 63 points.

    Individual Player of the Week:
    The award officially goes to the Chicago SIRIans, whos Larry Johnson (KC) totalled 29 individual points. As in Week 3, there was a player on someones bench who totalled more (The NAB Hypocrites had Favre on the bench, who earned 33 points).

    Special Note: Congratulations to the Mac Hine's Babba Boeys for their first win of the season, defeating Team Freeman 114-101.

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    SiriusBuzz Fantasy Football League Week 4 Results

    You got lucky that we both sucked last week but this week will be different

    only you will suck

    Oh and this is for the last undefeated team in the league.

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    Humble thanks for league week result, I'm really awaiting for such event..Thumbs up with a Chicago SIRIans and although highly appreciated Larry Johnson as he assigned for the player of the week.