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    Firmware Update question

    I am trying to find what I would have thought would be an easy answer and Sirius's customer service isn't helping. I'm trying to determine how often Sirius sends firmware updates to radios. I don't need to go into all the specifics concerning the issues I have with my car, the bottom line is that the update caused my car's system to reboot and because of separate issues that have nothing to do with Sirius, and that caused a module to go out. I'm currently in a free trial with Sirius and am trying to determine if I need to cancel the service now or not.

    TIA for any and all help.

    Edit: I'm realizing it may have not been a firmware update. This happened on Tuesday 12/7 which seems to be the day that the channels updated. I'm still curious about firmware though.
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    Firmware updates, in general, do not follow any kind of schedule. You could go a year without one.
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