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    01-20-2021, 02:08 AM #1

    Jim Ladd needs to shut up and just play music!

    As a paying customer, I do not appreciate Jim Ladd's political opinions or his ranting vulgarity.

    On today's Deep Tracks program (Jan 19, 2021) Jim Ladd routinely mentioned male genitalia as he discussed his political feelings toward an outgoing president that didn't act as Jim would have him do.

    I am paying for music to put me in a good mood, I am not paying to hear Mr Ladd's infantile rantings and political feelings. His display this afternoon paints him as a sad, bitter old man.

    I would hope the FCC takes their job seriously and disciplines Mr. Ladd for his on air vulgarity. There is no excuse for using the terms he did during a mid day show that children could be listening to.

    I will be changing the station whenever Jim Ladd comes on the air until he realizes he's being paid to be a DJ and not a political analyst.

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    A lot of people seem to agree with you. There is a long post about Jim Ladd here;

    Feel free to liven that thread back up
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