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    Repair/Replace LCD Display on TTR1 radio?

    Hey I have an old Sirius/XM Tabletop TTR1 that still sounds great, gets the channels I want but the display has become so faded that I can't change settings etc. Does anybody still repair these or do I just need to join the modern century? Thanks

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    Unfortunately you're going to need a local electronics guy. There was a service that fixed Sirius XM radios back in that day but, they closed up shop in 2017. I don't think the demand was there.
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    Why not just get another radio on ebay and activate it? They have the TTr1

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    I would highly recommend an Amazon Echo Show (I recommend a show 5 1st generation, or Show 8 1st generation) The Show 5 has a 5" display, and the Show 8 has an 8" display. Only these two 1st gen devices have headphone jacks on the back to connect to a stereo (they do have built in speakers, but an external stereo will sound much better). With an Echo Show you can play all the XM channels, and online app only channels. To change channels you just use your voice "Alexa play Siriusly Sinatra on SiriusXM". It displays album art, and also controls Spotify or Amazon Music. The internet radios that XM offers are very limited and just not worth it. As you said, "it's time to join the modern century". lol