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    09-29-2008, 02:39 PM #1

    Back to the 52 week low of $.68

    Obviously this has to do with the failure of the bill but i'm going absolutely mental. I feel like i should be spending every last penny scooping up this stock at current SP. Anyone else having the itch as well?

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    Buying Now?

    Buying SiriusXM now is a good idea if you think the same fundamental things about satrad as you did prior to your previous buy inns. Much of the slide in price is due to the fear that is rampant in the market, aided by some seriously biased analyst opinions. Lots of people with lots of motives operating here. I own about 403,000 shares of SiriusXM, and like alot of the people that post here, my position is negative in a big way at this point in time. I strongly believe in the product, the scalability, and the management of the company. I am beginning to buy again this week to lower my average price per share. The guidance given by the company in terms of new sub growth is probably a bit low; the synergy related savings estimates are also a bit low in my opinion. Bankruptcy is highly unlikely. Over the next 24 months, Wible will prove to be right. Being a true long in a company like this is tough, seems like whatever you say you are as an investor, the market will often conspire to change your mind.... Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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    $.62 Ouch. I'm buying tomorrow if it doesn't jump in the morning.

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    I'm buyin'

    I agree with the above comments completely. This company, though struggling due to reasons which we are all aware, will prevail in the long run. I don't have nearly the 400,000+ shares that some of our fellow forum writers own (I have a mere 12,000 @ an average cost of $1.10), but I plan on accumulating more and more every month. I may also accumulate an ulcer and suffer a few hundred minor panic attacks between now and 2010.....but I think the payoff will be well worth the short term pain.

    Great company, stable leadership (in my opinion), ample expansion opportunities and brand name recognition that matches Xerox, Kleenex and any other industry leading/pioneering products. Besides the short term debt, what's not like?


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    I'm accumulating. I picked up another 1500 shares when the stock was stuck at .86 for a couple days there. Pain happens. But I managed to average down a few cents! I plan to pick up some more, once I see how it trades tomorrow.

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    I want to hear from Brandon or Tyler.....


    We saw after hours trading jump the stock up .05 and volume almost reach 70,000,000 on a day that the market vomited nearly 800 points.

    Gentlemen- Is this a reaction to Citigroups new estimate? Is it because Sirius is possibly looking like a much more sound investment in comparison to stocks that seemed less "speculative" before todays market meltdown?

    Now that EVERYTHING is crashing, are investors seeking an opportunity to regain some of their catastrophic losses in Sirius' currently undervalued position??

    I would love to hear some specific answers or at least informed guidance from the people that we receive most of our news from.......


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    Hey Krypto....there is a BIG difference between having averaged down before and averaging down NOW in this market.

    Yes...the price is tempting...BUT....are you kidding me? The bank bail out was REJECTED today. Do you have any idea how that affects Sirius? WE NEED that bail out to get that refinancing.

    If congress doesn't pass something soon....Sirius is going ALOT lower. Maybe even lower than Goldman's 50 cent target.

    So to tell people they should JUMP at the chance to buy at these levels is kinda irresponsible if you ask me. This is not a one day bump in the road...this is teetering on the verge of TOTAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN. You think Sirius will hold this price if that happens?

    I love the product, and feel the stock has a GREAT chance if we can survive this and get refinancing.

    But that ain't gonna happen tomorrow...or next week....or even next month the way things are going.

    I hope we hold at these levels at least. We shall see.

    I'm not selling any of my shares, advice to others is to HOLD off purchasing more shares for the time being. SIT on the sidelines with your cash for awhile. That what I'm doing. TRUST'll have PLENTY of chances to get in at these levels...or unfortunately MAYBE even at lower levels.

    To JUMP in now thinking you're gonna miss a POP is INSANE.