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    Problem adding Sirius XM streaming-gift card

    Hi Guys, and Merry Christmas,
    I was a streaming subscriber for several years through the end of 2014 when I cancelled.

    I just received a Sirius XM gift card, which I logged into my old account and redeemed the $25 card, which is now showing as a credit on my account. The problem is that when I click to add streaming to my account, and choose premier streaming, the only option showing, I get the following message:

    "We had some trouble with your request. Please review and update the highlighted area(s) below."
    However, there is no area highlighted on that page.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, and how I can fix it. I had hoped o add 'essential' streaming package as that has the main channels I want, but it didn't show as an option. Anyway, the premier option not even working to add.

    I have installed the Android app, and it is showing as a trial and is working, I don't know how long the app trial will last, but I obviously want to get the gift card applied to a new sub before the app trial ends. I've not logged into the app with my account yet, until I get the plan sorted, as I assume that will stop the app trial from streaming.

    I was hoping to avoid having to phone customer services, as back in the day I didn't find them great, maybe they're better now.

    I appreciate any help anyone can give.
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    So, I just called customer service in the end.

    They were actually pretty good, and got it all sorted for me.