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    Should I throw this old Sirius Starmate 3 out?

    Bought this Sirius radio in the mid 2000's, used for a couple of years, then didn't need it any more. Sat in storage since. I tested it a month ago and it worked, but I ported my lifetime membership over to my new car, which was Sirius ready. Since I ported over, the radio no longer enabled, and I don't need it. Is it a throwaway, or is it worth anything?DSC_0218.jpg

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    I would just check ebay. I had an old radio just like that and sold it on ebay for like $15-20. For me, it wasn't about the money, it was more about the fact that I knew someone out there needed the parts from it.

    Some guy probably still has that same radio with a lifetime on it and he needs to replace the dock or the power cord.
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