We have been Sirius XM all access subscribers for 6 years. During that time we have not had any problems - until now. Starting October 1st, our 15 Subaru Legacy started showing channel unsubscribed for all channels every time the car was started. I had the system refreshed, and everything was fine again. That is until I started the car again. Now every time I shut the car down, I lose all my Sirius XM channels. I have chatted with and called and talked to 8 different customer service people who all they want to do is send a refresh signal. One actually did some kind of a power something or other.

Looking online, I see this phenomenon has showed up numerous times, but I can't find a solution. Please help, I'm becoming very frustrated.

One thing I did notice but I'm told is not a contributor is that a semi-annual payment was made on 10/1/2020. The same day this started.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks