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    Fire Jim Ladd

    What right does this Jim Ladd have to call people enemies of the State, and why has Sirus/XM allowed him to carry on his political rants? His misinformed, politically slanted covid dribble is offensive to listeners with license from Sirus/XM. He's only a REALLY old DJ, he 'spins records' for crying out loud, with no real talent or skill present, he simply picks music from real 'artists' that many of us like, big deal, we all can do that without adding exaggerated and embellished input. If I would have done what he has from a conservative perspective, I would have been ran off the air and physically haunted. GET HIM OFF THE AIR, I WANT MUSIC, NOT TALK, OPINION AND POLITICS!

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    Jim Ladd was a DJ for more than 40 years here in Los Angeles. I never liked him. If you read his book "Radio Waves" you will know that he has always been very opinionated.

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    I've been a subscriber to Sirius for almost 15 years now and if there is one show I have gotten to where I just can't listen anymore is Jim Ladd's Free Form Radio show. Channel 27 is my favorite channel and I have to boycott it every weekday afternoon when this "knuckle-head" comes on. I enjoy listening to him talk about music or musician's that he's talked to, but he tends to get too political and projects it as if his opinion is correct. Everyone is entitled to their own political opinions but please spare me from sharing yours. I don't pay for radio to listen to Political rants when all I want to hear is music. If I wanted to listen to Political points of view, I could tune into a number of other news stations on Sirius. So, I plead with you Sirius, please give this guy the boot, or give him a Political ranting show, or tell him to shut up and play music. Enough is enough because when I am driving home after working all day this is not what I want to listen too.
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