Being a small shareholder of SIRI, I wanted to hear views from all about current status of market and how it relates to SIRI stock. Being very limited in my market knowledge, I wanted to ask a few questions for you market experts and/ or close followers of SIRI stock and affairs.
Can I buy small amounts of SIRI shares weekly, being its now under a dollar and the new rules that have been and may be applied, and what does new regulations mean for SIRI?
My second question is the loaded one i know, should I buy SIRI as of this very second? And also knowing being I have a share avg of $2.50?
I have been following the events, and I saw the Buffet love for GS, and wanted to get takes on how that might effect the SIRI-GS investment and many other possible unfolding future events over the next few months.
Just wanted to get different views on this, and I appreciate all the good info and articles from Tyler and Brandon, thank you kind sirs.