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    06-27-2020, 12:02 AM #1

    They moved the satellites.

    Apparently they have moved the satellites to get better reception for the south. That's what the 1 800 number says. So us folks in northern Canada have terrible reception. Is there a inline booster for cars? A better antenna?
    Any suggestions?

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    Hello, I have been an xmSirius subscriber since the beginning. Thus I feel I might can offer you a couple options.
    1.(SiriusXM Universal Car Vehicle Magnetic Mount High Gain Antenna) $15.88usd
    2. The next option would be an in-line amplifier, Or placing the magnetic antenna on your vehicle to the highest point on the car.
    3. As to your regard to installing an in-line amplifier, it can be done and you would see mild to moderate improvement, I will leave a few links on those.
    With that and other amplifiers you will need 2 adapters to allow your antenna wires to plug in.
    Personally I would give the first link I posted via Ebay with the high gain magnetic antenna, Since its the easiest solution.