Hi all

I own a 2016 BMW R1200RT motorcycle with the BMW-specific Alpine audio system. I, like many other BMW owners, find the reception of the BMW Sirius system to be unacceptable. There are too many momentary drops and instances that the system shows "linking" in areas where my car systems are rock solid.

Most feel that the fault is with the antennae or it's placement inside the fairing. The BMW Motorrad (Motorcycle) standard is an Alpine head unit that utilizes a pink FAKRA connector for the SiriusXM antennae. Can anyone recommend an after market antennae with a FAKRA connector to replace the OEM unit, the ones I see on Amazon are pretty poorly rated? Waterproof would be really nice.

Let me know what a good solution may be and I'll be sure to post it in the BMW Motorrad forums.