Yes, believe it or not, my S50 receiver that I activated around the second year after the reciever was issued by Sirius is still working flawlessly! I am keeping it going, because of the unlimited song recording capability it has, plus the great design of the unit had fit perfectly with the interiors of my cars, even the 2019 model Mazda I just got.
The receiver is still perfect internally, but the case had developed a few cracks on the front lens. I have two extra units (new in the box, not activated) I can use to maybe transfer the guts from the old one to the new unused cases, but I'm wondering if I can just transfer my subscription into the new S50 instead.
Possible problem though, is I remember updating my original one, a couple of times through the "Sirius Studio" program, that came with the unit. The update programs seem to still existing the internet for use, but I cannot load and use the Sirius Studio program into my computers as it is not compatible with the 64 bit systems we have today.....
So the question is, isthere any possibility I can activate my 2 other unused S50's??