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    09-23-2008, 12:35 PM #1

    beware of "automatic renewal"

    Beware of Sirius Radio!! They have a fradulant method of theft. When you sign up and give sirius your credit card, you are automatically set up for automatic renewal!! If you sign up for anything longer than 1 year program, you are billed for a renewal without your consent. Most of the time, your credit card will have already expired. Then you are sent to collections. The collection company then tells you to call sirius radio to "correct" the error. Sirius Radio then tells you to call the collection company. Sirius will tell you that they are supposed to inform you of this when you sign up but as I have had sirius in 3 different vehicles, I know this is a LIE!!!


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    There is nothing fraudulent or "lying" about it.

    It is in the disclaimer that you agree to when you call and provide the information by phone. XM does the exact same thing (and HAS done it even beforer the merger). You get a "bill" in the mail about a month prior to the due date that states you need to call or it will be renewed automatically.

    I have XM, and have had this done to me. I simply called with a new CC number and they change it in the system.

    My parents have Sirius, and their's renews automatically as well, but they do get a bill prior to the renewal, every time.

    Is there any background to this story you are not telling us? Did you move and never change your address with them? Did you get a bill but throw it away without reading it because you wanted to cancel? Before they can send you to collections, they are supposed to attempt to contact you. Did you ever recieve a phone call or a letter from them?

    I have NEVER had an issue with customer service from EITHER company, and I have delt with both because I usually make the calls for my parents.

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    I find it interesting that Davebuck joined today and immediately writes not one but two slanderous posts.

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    They were not two posts, they were basically the same post on two different forums. He is lucky that I am not a moderator in the Sirius Buzz Radio forum, or the one there would already be deleted. Tyler will take care of it as soon as he gets off of work, if not sooner.

    You will however notice that I have not deleted the one here. We do not want to squelch anyone's voice. There is just absolutely no reason for him to post the same post twice in two different forums. He probably will never even come back to look, he was just venting about his frustration... but in my experience, Automatic Renewals is done in a LOT of industries, and I do mean a LOT. (Cell phones do it even when you do not have a contract, Credit Cards do it and charge the "annual fee" without notifying you to cancel if you do not want the fee...). It is always given in the disclaimer (I have heard both Sirius's and XM's disclaimer, and it is there on both of them. Most people do not listen to them.)

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    I removed the double post.

    That being said this guy is full of crap. No collection company tells you to call Sirius, they simply hound you until you pay. You know this guy is lying because the collection companies sole job is to make sure scumbags who don't pay their bills will not bother the company they went into collection with in the first place.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Why worry about automatic renewal? Most people are going to renew, otherwise what good is the equipment
    Much better to simply sign up for a lifetime subscription while they are still being offered. I believe they will even credit the remainder of your existing term. Sirius Canada does, quite sure Sirius in the US does as well.

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    I don't see why this would be an issue anyway. If you received an invoice telling you your subscription was going to expire, didn't act upon it and automatic renewal kicked in with your credit card expired your radio would simply stop working until you acted upon it.
    No collection agency required because there would be nothing to collect.

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    Too bad the poster won't have the cojones to respond to this thread anymore, I'd love to hear him support his claim that it was fraudulent... seems DISH charges my credit card every month -- I suppose I should go after them!

    LOL, I just read the rest of his post -- this thread is a waste of time, it's ludicrus. The "credit card will have already expired?" Then to say it goes to "collections"? I hope the guy realizes that if you pay by credit card, you pay in advance of the service -- not after the service... therefore there is no "collections" involved. You don't owe Sirius (or XM)... you buy the service in advance -- so THEY essentially owe YOU. If you don't want the service, they cant have a collection agency force you to pay for something in advance. Duh...

    Dummy. I give him points for creativity -- but fail him for not realizing that his facts could be easily verified.


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    BTW, when you signed up to the service, you agreed to the terms of the Sirius Subscriber Agreement... whether you knew it or not. You received a copy of it when you signed up -- and it is posted on their website.

    FWIW, you cannot have signed up for the service without agreeing to the terms. Too many people these days just don't read the fine lines or what they're signing up for. Caveat emptor. Good luck challenging it.

    F. PAYMENT: In return for receiving the Service, you agree to pay us as follows:

    1. Subscription Fee: You must pay in advance by credit card or debit card. You may combine payment with a SIRIUS prepaid card. You may also pay by check or money order for Subscriptions of at least one year in length. If you pay by check or money order you will receive an invoice by mail and will be required to make your first payment before your Subscription is activated.

    2. Automatic Renewal: Your Subscription will continue for the length of the initial term you select ("Subscription Term") and will automatically renew at the end of the Subscription Term unless you choose to cancel prior to that renewal. Such renewal will be effected at the initial term selected or, at our option, on a month-to month basis. Your account will automatically be charged (or you will be billed, as applicable) at the rates in effect at the time of renewal.


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    "Most of the time, your credit card will have already expired."

    Sounds like a guy who is way overextended on his credit and bouncing around 6 month credit card deals.

    Same thing happened with me on a Barnes and Noble membership. I didn't have time (ok, didn't want to) to read the fine print at checkout. Had a cryptic charge on my credit card. Once I figured out it was B&N, simply called them up and got it cancelled. It was kind of sneaky of them though as they gal at checkout didn't tell me (although doubt she knew) and no sure it is reasonable that I should read all the fine print at the checkout. Of course had the OP not been cycling in and out of credit cards, he probably would have seen the charge and been able to get it taken care of quickly with no drama.

    Moral? Get yourself out of credit card debt, keep a minimum amout of cards (I only need 1), and pay your bill every month. I got myself in the same situation and it took me years to claw my way out of the hole.

    Now??? Now I have all kinds of disposable income to throw down a different hole... SIRI :-)

    Can we please get some good news?

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