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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    Which is why people should call until they get a rep willing to work with them. I'm not ragging on SiriusXM, this holds true for any company offering a service.

    Because you are leaving or because SiriusXM is dropping their retention department?
    Well, just because they hang up & call back to someone else, doesn't mean the previous person they JUST spoke with isn't going to not leave notes on their account. It's a must to notate any account you touch.

    And I'm specifically leaving myself. I don't think they're are any plans on ridding the retention department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I removed the double post.

    That being said this guy is full of crap. No collection company tells you to call Sirius, they simply hound you until you pay. You know this guy is lying because the collection companies sole job is to make sure scumbags who don't pay their bills will not bother the company they went into collection with in the first place.
    Really? Scumbags who don’t pay their bills??!
    I never post on forums, but I had to say something in response to that little comment.
    So I guess you have never, ever had a late payment??? If so, good for you, you privileged a hole.

    I had my Sirius account go to collections, all over an old (temporary) debit card and a terrible loss in my family. When my radio wasn’t working and said to call Sirius customer service, that’s what I did. They sent it to collections that quickly and I tried repeatedly to pay my balance because I wanted my radio!! This has gone in circles for well over a month. The reps I talk to keep telling me the same thing, go online to pay blah blah …. Still can’t resolve!!!! They just say it must be a problem with the server try later. And they claim they will report it to their supervisor etc.
    Still here I am, no Sirius in my car….. still trying….

    But my point is this….. I was deeply offended when I felt someone was calling me a scumbag.Crap does happen and this “scumbag” has done everything possible in this situation.
    Please, can we all be a little bit nicer to one another??!! It’s so much easier.

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    And I want to apologize for automatically thinking this person is a privileged jerk. Sometimes we all speak (or type) without thinking don’t we lol 😆

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    No one called you a scumbag. No one said every person that goes into collection is a scumbag. Go reread that post.

    If you picked the word "scumbag" out of that post to complain about, you missed the entire point I was making -- which was, that guy was lying. It was more a commentary about the way collection companies work.

    Its wild that you registered to a forum to make this post.

    BTW, I have been in collection before. I'm not offended by my use of the word scumbag at all.
    Charles LaRocca
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