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    This same thing happened to my husband. He was not informed when he signed up. He got the sirius when he purchased a new car. Sirius called and called to get him to sign up after the free 6 months with the car. He agreed to pay for 1 year. He was not told of the automatic renewal. He has another srious account from several years ago. He did a lifetime purchase on that one. In the beginning he paid for 6 months and they called and took them up on the lifetime offer. They didn't just renew his 6 month's subscription automatically!

    They called day after day on the new car until he decided he would take it. He did not receive an agreement in the mail. He did not have to go on the website to sign up. He did it over the phone and they did not say it was an automatic renewal. He hates automatic renewal and would never have agreed to take Sirius under those conditions. Kind of funny they called day after day before he agreed to purchase, but they can't take the time to call and tell us they were going to renew the account without talking to us about it! Poor corpotate policy that is for sure!

    As to assuming the man who had a complaint has a credit card issue that is rude! My husband has a fantastic credit rating. The only thing on that card was the automatic renewal which he did not authorize! And guess what. Your credit card can expire within days of using it.

    My husband talked to sirius customer service who kept on hold for a total of 30 minutes as he was tossed back and forth to supervisors each time being told it was their policy to do automatic renewal. The last supervisor agreed to take it off, but he was going to be charged a $15 prorated fee for the amont of days service was available since the renewal. We have protested it thru our credit card company and they are taking it all off including the $15 fee!

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    Without going into great detail, when my last subscription ended I called and told Sirius to cancel, which they did. Three months later Sirius billed me for $35. When I called to complain about the bill for non-service, they told me there was probably an error and it would be taken care of.

    Long story short, a month later I got a letter from a collection agency for the $35, which I refused to pay no matter what they threatened. I managed to get hold of someone at the agency, I complained bitterly, and he said he didn't think I really had much to worry about, that Sirius was doing this on a regular basis to people who owed them nothing. That was a year ago, haven't heard anything from either entity. I do not trust Sirius and will not do business with them.

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    Become a lifetime member (its money well spent) and dont worry about credit card charges ever again

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    Thanks for your warning. But, there's nothing to worry if its from the company itself.

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    The same exact thing happened to me, and I traded the car off so I didn't even know that it had expired. The E-mail address they had on file had been cancelled, and the credit card had expired. I was auto-renewed for $129, and sent to collections. I have excellent credit too by the way. I feel this is an immoral if not blatantly fraudulent way of collecting money.

    I have contacted XM and they are willing to waive the admin fee's and only charge me $30 but after speaking to nafs canada I'm not certain that I am prepared to take the "easy" route.

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    Automatic Renewal Without Authorization Happened to me too

    I bought a new car last year and used the trial that came with it. (I had a pre-existing account with an add-on radio) One day the radio stopped working and I called them and they said I expired. There was no notice. The rep offered me a year at $93. I said fine. There was no automatic renewal discussion. A few days ago, I got an invoice (I didn't put a card on file) saying I now owe them $185 for the automatic renewal that already took place. No previous notice.

    I called and told them I didn't authorize this, know that there are better offers available, and would cancel if they stick with this. I was transferred by one rep to another who stuck with this, said it's their policy and nothing would change. I'm thinking I'll have to really cancel and see if I get a retention offer.

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    Automatic renewal is nothing new. Do you call your electric company every month letting them know you still want your lights on? It's a convenience to the other 18.5 million subscribers who are aware of the automatic renewal. The other peoploe don't listen when it's told & just call in to complain to get a better price. If you don't want to agree to automatic renewal, don't sign up for service.
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    I'm glad that you are having a good customer experience. I did not. The collections person transferred me to a 'cancellation specialist' who put me on hold for approx. 15 minutes after I was forced to listen to his different sales offers. First pay 6 months, get 6 months Free. Next, 6 months for 25 bucks....I can't tell if I am actually cancelled or not as he couldn't give me a confirmation number. I understand that Sirius/XM needs to show industry analysts 'subscriber growth' to keep the short term stock price up, but more effective customer service would pay dividends in the long run.

    There are so many angry and insulted former customers there is likely to be some sort of class action if there isn't one already.

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    thank you. very helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by compresion67 View Post
    We cancelled our Sirius after having it for 2 years because we were selling our truck. When we called in they said we had to send a letter,and we did. Now my elderly father also did this and still had his card charged so when I sent the letter I cancelled my card and had a new one sent. Well guess what a few months down the line we start getting the collection calls. I've simply told them take a hike when you couldn't put it on the card you should not have continued the subscription.

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