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    Freer to speak at the Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference

    Thursday Sept 25th, CFO and EVP David Frear will be presengint at the 2008 Deutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference in Scottsdale, AZ on Thursday, September 25, 2008 at approximately 10:55 am ET.

    According to a snippet from the Deutsche Bank Conference website
    Over the course of two days, our Conference will feature presentations from over 150 high yield issuers in a relaxed and casual setting. Senior management of these companies will review recent financial performance, strategies for the future, and the outlook for their respective industries.
    Think he may say anything interesting?

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    If anybody knows anything about leveraged finance its SIRI management! Note that the powers that be waited until 4:01 PM to release the information. Earlier would have curtailed the ass kicking we got today. Not a bad mid-day spike. SIRI would have at least closed in that range. Dow got killed again today!

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    This 2 day event (Wed & Thurs) features representatives from various companies. The SIRI guy is scheduled for Thurs morning to speak for thirty-five minutes. Other presenters include GM, Wynn Hotels, Sinclair Broadcasting, Host Hotels, Avis and others. You can see it all via Newman's link.

    Apparently, this is a forum wherein the companies make a pitch to fat cat investors.
    Alternative Neil Diamond provides entertainment as do guest speakers James Carville and (his wife) Mary Matalin.

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    Anyone venturing a guess on what might be said...also, I saw a pdf of the involved companies linked on that page and the sirius xm financials were in it (it tells what page sirius is on in the pdf, I think it was pg74), anyone see anything interesting there?

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    You will likely never know if he said anything interesting unless you were there.
    Investor relations informs me that nothing he said will be made public unless he disclosed something material. Obviously he didn't.
    They only disclosed the CFO was speaking at the conference because it was a SEC requirement to do so.
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