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    Sirius XM Website and Marketing

    It seems to me that the Sirius XM website and the company's marketing arm need a wakeup call. I keep looking for company advertising that reflects the recently merged entity's direction but do not see it. The company website also needs an update to contain the "Sirius XM" logo and information about the merged company's direction (product and service promo pieces, etc.). Today, I sent the following to investor relations:

    "When will the Sirius website be updated to contain the Sirius XM logo, and to contain information about the recently merged entity's promised new products and service offerings? Marketing since the merger needs to keep pace with and outpace events. At Best Buy, I still see old Sirius and old XM marketing literature and products on shelves--and not prominently displayed. So, [my] second question is, what is Sirius XM doing to increase its brand exposure?"

    Several other bloggers have sent queries to IR and have gotten lame replies that they have shared with the rest of us. We'll see what kind of reply I get.

    If Sirius XM wants to expose its brand, new company name, and planned products and services, then it had better put its media and marketing people to work. Otherwise, the company's offers will just get lost in the crowded consumer electronics universe during the run up to the holiday shopping season.

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    Mad Dog Advertising

    This is semi related. I am actually very happy with the advertising initiatives SIRI has been doing. I am from NY, and typically read the WSJ, but I do occasionally get the Post or Daily News for sports lol. Every time I have read the post, I have seen well placed ads for the Mad Dog. The other day there was an advertisement on the back page of the Post Sports page. I think these are very well targeted ads, and I am very happy that management is at least somewhat in tune with their target audience. I think we will prob start to see greater initiatives in the coming month.