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    Which bird am I on?

    My new car came with a SiriusXM radio. Long ago I was an XM radio sunscriber because at that time XM had much better audio quality and audio a compression algorithm that made XM sound better than Sirius. With this new radio am I getting the Sirius signal or the XM signal? I see that they still have both Sirius and XM satellites in orbit each using their own technology. I cant get any clear answer from their FAQ. They say there are three kinds of radios, XM, Sirius and SiriusXM, but dont answer what the last one actually is using.


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    SiriusXM has operated ten satellites. You can get details on each one, and be able to track them, at -- although the list omits the XM-4 satellite and includes Indonesia's ill-fated Telkom 3. Don't ask me why.

    Sirius currently uses satellites FM-5 and FM-6. SiriusXM uses XM-3 and XM-4, which will be replaced, respectively, by SXM-7 in 2019 and SXM-8 in 2020. New model Fords come with a free six-month trial of Sirius All Access. All other new cars equipped with satellite radio use SiriusXM. Unless your new car is a Ford, your signal is coming from XM-3 and XM-4. There is also a "spare" satellite, XM-5, that can be used by either service if one of the other four satellites becomes disabled.

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    I wonder if they still use AAC+ on the XM Birds and whatever Sirius used to use on the Sirius birds? In the past AAC+ sounded much better. Less swish and more range. I fear that after the merger they are using the same codec on all streams and its is the one Sirius used to use.

    I have not used XM since before the merger, but my new car came with a trial and I am curious. It does not sound as good as music on my thumb drive or off Spotify (which I expected and understand)