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    Question When you bought your new car, did they tell you about SXM?

    My previous new car was a 2002 Jeep Wrangler. I sold it in 2013. I lived out of country between 2012 and early 2018, and did not drive much. Cars changed a lot in the years that I was gone. I am sure SXM existed back in 2002, and I am sure I had heard of it, but I never took notice.

    I bought my 2018 Cherokee once I returned to the USA (in January). After a few days, I noticed the SXM option on the entertainment system, but paid it no mind. I only became aware when I received the letter stating that I had a one year "free trail". There was no mention of "Weather Alerts".

    My wife and I only drive on weekends (airport, grocery store, cinema, out of town drives). During the week, the Jeep remains parked underground. The radio would forget the SXM subscription after about four days. When I started the engine the radio would be sitting on channel 1. I called for a refresh a few times, then I got disgusted and told them to shut it off, and never to contact me (Two months into the alleged one year "free trail").

    The "Weather Alerts" did not go away after I killed the subscription. I cannot turn them off. I resorted to pulling the antenna lead to make them stop.

    My brother owns a Chevy Colorado. He was also not informed by the dealer. He heard about the year of SXM when he received the letter. He never turned the radio to SXM, and he was never plagued by the "Weather alerts" (I suspect his truck did not support them). He has owned the truck nearly four years, and he still gets the letters in the mail.

    I guess dealers just assume everyone knows about this stuff? Had I known, I would have told them not to give my information to SXM.
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