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    Sirius voice commands fail

    Recently, my car Sirius has stopped responding properly to my voice commands to "play the Beatles channel," or "play the 50's on 5," or any other channel requests that used to work fine. I either get told that she doesn't understand, or she plays some seemingly unrelated channel. Some of the channels do seem to appear in a list to the left of the screen that also has FM channels, but the list has to be scrolled to find the channel I want.

    I'm suspecting that the options are set incorrectly, somehow, and it's stuck in the wrong mode. Has anybody else had this problem? WTW, this is in a 2017 Subaru Forester.

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    Does your Subaru have the STARLINK safety/security system? If so, do the navigation system, climate control, smartphone and other features respond properly to voice commands? Sometimes the Sirius unit will not respond to voice commands that.....are.....stretched.....out.....instead of spoken normally. You can also check with Subaru to see if there has been a software update.

    Subaru, by the way, is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus -- and Taurus is an automobile introduced by Ford in 1986. (My posts are very educational! At least some of them are.)

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    I have the same exact problem with my 2017 Forester. The Subaru dealer told me that a software update would fix it. It did not. They said they would probably have to replace the radio the next time I bring the car in for service. In the meantime I talked to SiriusXM tech support twice. One tech said he was aware of the problem and a fix was being worked on. The other tech said he had never heard of the problem. I wish I could get a straight answer.

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