Here is the July 18 SiriusXM press release announcing a partnership with Netflix which will create a new comedy channel. But "Netflix Is A Joke Radio"? Ugh! I would hope that before the channel is launched, someone will have come up with a better name.

Netflix creating comedy radio channel with SiriusXM

Netflix is coming to radio. The streaming-content giant has cut a deal with SiriusXM to create a commercial-free comedy channel with the satellite-radio broadcaster, according to the companies.

For Netflix, the platform -- dubbed Netflix Is A Joke Radio -- will give it a new outlet to use its rapidly growing library of comedy content and potentially drive SiriusXM subscribers back to its own service. Besides using the channel as a promotional tool for its stand-up specials, Netflix will also create original content for it with its talent.

The SiriusXM partnership, scheduled to launch by January 2019, marks the first time Netflix has moved beyond video and partnered with another distribution platform to create a Netflix-branded product.

Comedy has become one of Netflix’s biggest bets in content. Over the past few years, it has spent heavily to woo superstar stand-up comedians including Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Amy Schumer away from HBO to its platform.

Netflix also has become a home for rising comedic talent such as Michelle Wolf, who recently premiered a show there. Joel McHale has a show on Netflix, Norm Macdonald is developing his own show as well, and former late-night host David Letterman was wooed out of retirement to make a series of specials for Netflix.

For SiriusXM, which has more than 33 million subscribers, the comedy brand is one of its biggest performers; it has six channels devoted to stand-up.