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    Question First Wave Channel 33 - Remix of Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

    Does anyone know the remix of West End Girls played during Dave Kendall's Party 360 with a synth breakdown around the chorus? After listening to several of the top ones, I can not find it online. I know that it was on 3/2 around 11:15 pm Eastern.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to Sirius Buzz, new_wave! Sometimes you're better off, never mind. I'm sure you've already been to the Pet Shop Boys Wiki which lists 28 different mixes and versions of West End Girls. Unfortunately, the wiki does not include the actual recordings. Was the synth used for the bassline or for the melody? The DogstarRadio site includes playlists for most SiriusXM music channels, including 1st Wave, but unfortunately does not list songs played during certain hosted programs such as Party 360. You should just send Kendall a message via his Facebook page and ask which mix he played:

    "Typically replies within a day," it says. You could also email the channel: