Scam phone ad #35 has just posted. This one comes from "orqhklop," who is hoping a few gullible schmucks will be dumb enough to send him thousands of dollars for 20 phones, phones which are likely stolen or counterfeit and phones which may never be sent out after the scammer gets his money. The scammer/bot always offers phones in lots of five, 10, 20, 30 or 40. Yeah, that certainly sounds legitimate -- as legitimate as the shady character in the alley who offers to sell watches from inside his coat or the shady character on a side street who offers to sell CD players and blu-ray players from the trunk of his car.

Ignore the scammer's latest scam phone ad.....and any and all other scam phone ads which have been posted or will be posted in the future. Buy phones only from legitimate dealers, not from an anonymous scammer/bot who creates fake names and fake accounts and uses Sirius Buzz as a source of free advertising.