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    Radio working only at random times

    My radio which was installed in my Prius is now only working sporadically. It will cut in and out, and then will stay out for hours, before coming to life again. The screen will just read "No Signal." Then, miraculously, it'll start to work again.

    Today, things got worse. Whenever I hit a preset station on the touch screen, it would immediately change the number to 184. No signal at all. I called Sirius and refreshed to signal a few times, with no results.

    Anyone experience anything like this?


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    Welcome to SiriusBuzz! As you know, Sirius channel 184 is the channel used by SiriusXM to refresh the signal. (XM radios use channel 1.) I am assuming your radio was factory-installed. I am assuming you did not have a "free trial" which is now expired. I am assuming that you activated the radio by calling Sirius or going online and giving them the radio ID number (which can be found by tuning to channel 0) and a credit card number. My first thought, after making all those assumptions, is that you need to replace the antenna. Unfortunately, I can't assume doing so will fix the problem -- but I hope it will. I know replacing the antenna has worked for a couple of other people who were having signal problems.

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