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    09-16-2008, 02:15 AM #1

    Mel wants to F his shareholders buy stealing the combined co. from you.

    Every shareholder should wake up!! Mel wants to F his shareholders buy stealing the combined co. from you. Is this what the loyal shareholders deserve? If it were not for us he would not have had the opportunity to purchase XM. He steals the company for private equity for $1.50 to $2.00 and keeps it private for a couple of years and then brings it public on the verge of substantial cash flow and makes BILLIONS for he and his partners I.E. Mr. Leon Black at APOLLO capitol and others. He has done this very thing with Infinity and became a Billionaire. I intend to prevent this and will facilitate a Derivative Suit to protect this company from its Executives and current Board of Directors. You all should get off your ass and fight to protect your interest! F me Mr. Karmazin I think not! Mr. Karmazin is setting the table and I for one will not sit back and allow this to happen. Brandon no offense as I know you are out of the stock , but if you think that this is in anyway positive for shareholders , you could not be more incorrect.
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    Considering you ****ed the shareholders over with the FCC how can we believe your doing this for "Our" benifit. Your one of the prime reasons it took so long, if you would of kept your mouth shut, we could of had things faster. Would you rather Sirius buying the stock, or all of us loosing all due to delisting?

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    1) I personally do not think Hartlieb slowed down the FCCmore than about a week.
    2) Delisting cannot happen until January or Feb. at the earliest.

    If Mel ends up buying out the company at a very low price, I would join Michael in a class action lawsuit. I think you could find a sensitive Judge that would be able to see how Mel's actions have added to the drop in stock price and could be seen as possibly being done intentionally.

    I think there are a large number of people who are buying right now that would love for Mel to take the company private at $2.50 a share. I do not think that that is in my best interest however. I think this company is a gold mine waiting to be discovered, and I think in the next 3-5 years, the company will be worth much, much more than this.

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    How can you say with a straight face that Mel screwed Infinity shareholders?

    He took Infinity from $17 to $170 a share in four short years when he sold it to Westinghouse.

    I'm not saying he's going to get such a premium for Sirius....but thats what Mel does. It's his MO. He takes over a company, turns it around and then sells it.

    We've been battered because of the criminal Merger delay and now the horrible credit market....BUT as scary as it is...I still trust if we can weather the storm...Mel will broker a good deal for us.

    Only time will tell. I won't lie that I'm crossing my fingers about the economy...because I don't think ANY company is safe in this environment...but with alittle luck....I am confident that if ANYONE can pull this's Mel.

    It's gonna take nerves of steal tho.

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    Dont get me wrong reggan, I saw this coming from the moment the merger was announced. I do not expect Sirius XM to stay public very long, but I expected it to be 3-5 years down the road. But I would be quite upset if it was bought out... or even worse, taken private by private equity by large part of Mel, for less than what the stock was trading at before the merger was announced.

    Every time Mel has merged a company, he has made out like a bandit - and so have the shareholders. That is all I am asking for this time. To go through all of this for the shareholders to loose 75% and Mel make a killing... That would be wrong. I have total faith in Mel, and I do not think that he is trying to F us as Michael says above, but if I do get F'ed, then I will definately join him in protest.

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    For all those who disagreed with my assesment that Sirius needs new leadership this thread is a prime example of my point. Mel is continuing to make statement after statement in the press that is destroying any confidence in the stock. As CEO his primary responsibility is to us the shareholder not to continually undermine the stock and erode investor confidence. If the supporters here are questioning him and his motives then why would anyone that does not have any money in the stock want to put it there.

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    Jimmy...that would be a SHORTS wet dream....if Mel stepped down now, the stock would TOTALLY tank.

    Are you nutz? It would send an even WORSE signal in this horrible market and EVERYONE would jump ship.

    I'm sticking with Mel for that reason alone. But also because of his track record with turning companies around.

    I believe he will refinance under better conditions. I believe the economy will recover.

    Will it be a bumpy road...sure.

    But I'm a long....and you can bash Mel all you want, but he is well regarded as the best in the biz. Yes...he fought the FCC and won under the ugliest of conditions. But it will pay off....even if you don't have the faith or vision to see it.

    Or are you really a short pretending to be a disgruntled fed up long?

    But even if you are a true long and TRULY believe Mel is the sole reason this stock is down....I think you're wrong.

    Screaming about it won't change a thing my friend. Either you sell now...or hold.

    You're entitled to your opinion....but it's my opinion you'll be eating your words when Mel turns this around down the road.

    Wall Street loves a winner, and the Mel factor will be HUGE when he proves his worth. Everyone will be rallying around his genius and it'll boost the stock even more than if it was some faceless CEO with no personality.

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    09-16-2008, 10:57 AM #8

    Yeah, but.....

    Newman, I would love to wait 3-5 years to see what this company can do. It is down to 71 CENTS!!! I have flipped (flipped out-flipping out?). I am concerned that a few more days down 10% and this company will be gone. I need to hear from Mel, and not Mel the funny guy. I think everyone needs to hear, "financing done, and done well." Just kills me, ya know? Sorry for the negative tone.

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    YEah...but Remstipe....what you forget is that last time Mel was forced to rush an UGLY refinance deal during a bad market.

    Why rush to just close a deal RIGHT THIS SECOND in an EVEN WORSE market just because you want to hear something right now?

    I'd rather tough it out alittle longer and have the market settle...and Mel get a GREAT deal then close UGLY again just to close.

    The merger is DONE. Yes...the debt SHOULD be taken care of sooner rather than later in a perfect world. But it's not due until February. So as tough as it is to take.... I prefer NOT to rush into another deal again. And I think Mel feels the same way.

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    Still, but....

    Friggin, I do agree on one hand that Mel should not--can not--take/make a bad deal right now. However, he needs to be as clever as possible to make a deal--a good deal for SIRI--very soon. Tough? Yeah. Impossible? I don't know. Please don't get me wrong. I am long SIRI and have been for quite a while. But Friggin, what do you see happening with no comments from SIRI and the PPS continuing downward? We don't have room for error at these levels.

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