I'm old enough to remember when people actually watched television on a television set. CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker is confident CNN's new streaming subscription service will be successful.

CNN announces CNN+, 'most important launch for network since Ted Turner'
CNN, Jul 19 2021 10:43 AM ET

CNN is hiring hundreds of people and developing dozens of programs for a subscription streaming service that will launch early next year. The new venture, called CNN+, was formally announced today. It will exist side by side with CNN's existing television networks and will feature eight to twelve hours of live programming a day. The executive in charge of CNN+, chief digital officer Andrew Morse, said "this is the most important launch for CNN since Ted Turner launched the network in June of 1980." Morse emphasized that the daily programming will be differentiated from what CNN already produces on TV. "It's not going to be a news headline service," he said, citing opportunities for "more deep dives" into subjects such as climate change; space and science; and race and identity.