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    Question New app version crashing

    Just installed the new SiriusXM app on my iPad which has the latest version of iOS and I cannot play a thing on it. It crashes every single time I hit play. It opens fine, the menus work, but is soon as I hit play or go live on any station it crashes instantly. I've rebooted, reinstalled multiple times, it just does not work. This has never happened to me before. This happening to anyone else? I think the version is 4.1.2

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    I am having the same issue on my iphone 5 with the latest iOS. It works fine on my wife's iphone 7. I have tried everything and have contacted customer service and have been unable to get it to work.

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    I have the SiriusXM app on my Amazon Fire tablet. All I have to do is say, for example, "Siri, play SiriusXM '70s On 7" and the channel comes on within two seconds. The app, for me at least, never crashes or has dropouts. What is frustrating is that it's so darned difficult to get a channel to stop playing when I'm done listening to it. It's like the loud radio in the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup movie -- it's very difficult to shut off.

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    Sirius finally got the bugs worked out with the previous version of their app and all was well so naturally, they just released a very buggy new version in order to provide video (like I need to watch my radio content--so exciting seeing people talk into a mike isn't it?). Now, it freezes at least once a day and has no landscape orientation and the graphic interface is the worst. Everything was perfect before. I could kick myself for updating. They always release their updates before the bugs are worked out.

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    It hasn't crashed on me once. Whats weird is that this happens every time they have a major release. Its like they don't thoroughly test it across different devices. I'm running on an iPad Air with no issue.
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