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    Question about streaming if I have an in-home siriusxm radio

    I've been told that if I buy a SiriusXM home kit, and sign up for SiriusXM, I also get complimentary access to the same exact programming on my phone using the downloadable app. Is this true? Will I be able to hear exactly the same feeds of programs and music at the same time as what I can hear on the in home radio?

    Or will it be just complimentary access to SiriusXM streaming which I have found is NOT the same.
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    The content is the same. Keep in mind that the songs may be time shifted a bit. For example when you launch a channel in the app it usually starts at the beginning of whatever song is playing. So you could be out of sync with what's coming from the satellite.

    I like the app a lot. You can do a lot more with it than your sat receiver. I have a show that I like to listen at 5pm. But sometimes that time slot is inconvenient. I can start the program at 5pm and then hit pause. Then an hour later I can hit play and listen to my show from the beginning. Some channels offer podcasts too.

    And finally the internet stream sounds better since it streams at a higher bitrate than the satellite.