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    10-15-2020, 10:06 PM #101
    SiriusXM Channel 302, The Covers Channel, features remakes of pop and rock songs, including a what-the-heck-was-she-thinking version of My Sharona by country singer Sara Evans. Here is what was just played:

    SiriusXM 302 – The Covers Channel

    All Along The Watchtower [Dylan] - Dave Matthews (LP/1997; rec. 1994)
    Ashes To Ashes [David Bowie] - Tears For Fears (LP/1996)
    Break My Heart [Dua Lipa] - IMY2 (--/2020)
    Come Together (Live) [Beatles] - Godsmack (LP/2012)
    Cry To Me [Solomon Burke] - Marc Broussard (LP/2016)
    Dancing In The Dark [Bruce Springsteen] - John Legend (LP/2013)
    Everybody Hurts [R.E.M.] - Gibson Brothers (LP/2018)
    Free Fallin' [Tom Petty] - John Mayer (51/2008)
    Girls Just Want To Have Fun [Cyndi Lauper] - STRFKR (LP/2009)
    I Put A Spell On You [Jay Hawkins] - Nina Simone (120/1965)
    I Want Love [Elton John] - Chris Stapleton (LP/2018)
    Just Like Heaven [The Cure] - Dinosaur Jr. (--/1989)
    Lately [Stevie Wonder] - Jodeci (4/1993)
    Love Rollercoaster [Ohio Players] - Red Hot Chili Peppers (40/1996)
    My Sharona [The Knack] - Sara Evans (LP/2020)
    Never Let Me Down Again [Depeche Mode] - Neon Coven (--/2017)
    No Surprises [Radiohead] - Regina Spektor (--/2010)
    Patience [Guns N' Roses] - Chris Cornell (--/2020; recorded 2016)
    Rain On Me [Lady Gaga/Ariana Grande] - Macy Kate/TimeKettle (--2020)
    Rocket Man [Elton John] - Me First & The Gimme Gimmes (LP/1997)
    Savage Love [Jason Derulo] - Alec Chambers (--/2020)
    Semi-Charmed Life [Third Eye Blind] - Imagine Dragons (LP/2013)
    Someone You Loved [Lewis Capaldi] - Teddy Swims (LP/2019)
    Tempted [Squeeze] - Erykah Badu/James Poyser (LP/2019)
    This Must Be The Place [Talking Heads] - Lumineers (LP/2012)
    Tiny Dancer [Elton John] - Tim McGraw (LP/2001)
    Whole Lotta Love [Led Zeppelin] - Terry Ilous (--/2017)
    You Send Me [Sam Cooke] - Aretha Franklin (56/1968)

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    Here is what was just played on The Covers Channel:

    Blinding Lights [The Weeknd] - Teddy Swims (LP/2019)
    Everything I Wanted [Billie Eilish] - Halocene (LP/2019)
    Forever Young (live) [Alphaville] - Brandi Carlile/Seattle Symphony (LP/2011)
    Gloria [Them] - Patti Smith (LP/1975)
    Go Your Own Way (Live) [Fleetwood Mac] - Cranberries (DVD/2001; rec. 1999)
    Love On The Brain [Rihanna] - Noah Guthrie (LP/2016)
    My Generation [The Who] - Green Day (EP/1990)
    Real Love [Mary J. Blige] - Toby Lightman (--/2004)
    Savage [Megan Thee Stallion] - Sam James (LP/2020)
    Take On Me [a-ha] - Andie Case (LP/2019)
    Trouble [Cat Stevens] - Father John Misty (LP/2020)
    Watching The Detectives [Elvis Costello] - Duran Duran (LP/1995)
    We Can Work It Out [Beatles] - Stevie Wonder (13/1971)

    Andie Case is a singer-songwriter from Eugene, Oregon who has her own YouTube channel. Her acoustic version of Take On Me is really nice:

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    02-06-2021, 10:28 PM #103
    Foo Fighters Radio is airing on SiriusXM Channel 105 from February 3 to April 4. Here is a 95-song sample of the playlist. Dashes denote non-charting singles and "UR" denotes songs that remained unreleased for many years after they were recorded.

    SiriusXM 105 – Foo Fighters Radio

    A Matter Of Time - Foo Fighters (LP/2011)
    Ain't It The Life - Foo Fighters (LP/1999)
    Ain't It The Life (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/1999, LP/2019)
    All My Life - Foo Fighters (43/2002)
    All My Life (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2018)
    Alone + Easy Target (Demo) - Foo Fighters (UR/1992, LP/1995)
    Another One Bites The Dust - Queen (1/1980)
    Another Round - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    Another Round (Live) - Foo Fighters (LP/2006)
    Arlandria - Foo Fighters (LP/2011)
    Batdance - Prince (1/1989)
    Best Of You - Foo Fighters (18/2005)
    Big Me - Foo Fighters (!3/1996)
    Big Me (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2007, LP/2019)
    Breakout - Foo Fighters (LP/1999)
    Breakout - Foo Fighters (UR/1999, LP/2019)
    Bridge Burning - Foo Fighters (--/2012)
    Burn Away - Foo Fighters (LP/2002)
    But Honestly - Foo Fighters (LP/2007)
    Carry You - The Fire Theft (LP/2003)
    Cheer Up, Boys - Foo Fighters (LP/2007)
    Concrete & Gold - Foo Fighters (LP/2017)
    Congregation - Foo Fighters (--/2014)
    DOA - Foo Fighters (68/2006)
    Dear Rosemary - Foo Fighters (LP/2011)
    Dirty Water - Foo Fighters (LP/2017)
    Everlong - Foo Fighters (42/1997)
    Fearless - Pink Floyd (LP/1971)
    February Stars - Foo Fighters (LP/1997)
    Floaty (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/1999, LP/2019)
    Friend Of A Friend - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    Good Grief - Foo Fighters (LP/1995)
    Grand Central Station, March 18 1997 - Foo Fighters (LP/1995)
    Have It All - Foo Fighters (LP/2002)
    Heaven & All - R.L. Been/Dave Grohl/Peter Hayes (LP/2013)
    Hello - Foo Fighters (LP/2002)
    Hey Johnny Park! - Foo Fighters (LP/1997)
    I'll Stick Around - Foo Fighters (51/1995)
    If I Were Me - Dave Grohl/Greene/Jaffee/Keltner (LP/2013)
    In The Clear - Foo Fighters (LP/2014)
    Just Because - Jane's Addiction (72/2003)
    La De Da - Foo Fighters (LP/2017)
    Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters (19/1999)
    Learn To Fly (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2018)
    Let It Die - Foo Fighters (--/2007)
    Love Dies Young - Foo Fighters (LP/2021)
    Lucille - Little Richard (21/1957)
    M.I.A. - Foo Fighters (LP/1999)
    Making A Fire - Foo Fighters (LP/2021)
    Mantra - Dave Grohl/Joshua Homme/Trent Reznor (LP/2013)
    Marigold (Live) - Foo Fighters (LP/2006)
    Medicine At Midnight - Foo Fighters (LP/2021)
    Miss The Misery - Foo Fighters (LP/2011)
    Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters (58/1997)
    Monkey Wrench (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2000, LP/2003)
    My Hero - Foo Fighters (59/1998)
    My Poor Brain - Foo Fighters (LP/1997)
    Neverending Sigh - Foo Fighters (LP/2016)
    Nights On Broadway - Bee Gees (7/1975)
    No Son Of Mine - Foo Fighters (--/2021)
    No Way Back - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    On The Mend - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    Razor - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    Requiem (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/1997, LP/2019)
    Rope - Foo Fighters (68/2011)
    Run - Foo Fighters (106/2017)
    Sadness - Porno For Pyros (LP/1993)
    Sean - Foo Fighters (LP/2016)
    Skin & Bones (Live) - Foo Fighters (LP/2006)
    Something From Nothing - Foo Fighters (101/2014)
    Stacked Actors - Foo Fighters (LP/1999)
    Stacked Actors (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2000, LP/2019)
    Still - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    Stranger Things Have Happened - Foo Fighters (LP/2007)
    Sunterranean - Foo Fighters (LP/2014)
    Summer's End - Foo Fighters (LP/2011)
    Synchronicity II - Police (16/1983)
    Telephone Line - Electric Light Orchestra (7/1977)
    The Deepest Blues Are Black - Foo Fighters (LP/2005)
    These Days - Foo Fighters (111/2012)
    These Days (Live) - Foo Fighters (UR/2011, LP/2019)
    The Pretender - Foo Fighters b(37/2007)
    The Sky Is A Neighborhood - Foo Fighters (--/2017)
    This Is A Call - Foo Fighters (35/1995)
    Tired Of You - Foo Fighters (LP/2002)
    Unchained - Van Halen (LP/1981)
    Waiting On A War - Foo Fighters (--/2021)
    Walk - Foo Fighters (83/2011)
    We Are The Champions - Queen (4/1977)
    We Will Rock You - Queen (4/1977)
    X-Static - Foo Fighters (LP/1995)
    Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John/Electric Light Orchestra (8/1980)
    Xanadu - Rush (LP/1977)
    You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette (13/1995)
    Your Wife Is Calling - Ving/Grohl/Hawkins/Johannes (LP/2013)

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    03-24-2021, 05:13 PM #104
    SiriusXM press release:

    SiriusXM launches Disney Hits channel

    SiriusXM announced today Disney Hits, a brand-new, first-of-its-kind music channel launching on SiriusXM on Thursday, March 25. SiriusXM’s Disney Hits channel will feature everyone’s all-time favorite Disney music from movies, television shows and more, all on one channel. The channel will showcase songs from classics such as The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast and Toy Story to newer favorites such as Frozen 2, Moana, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Descendants 2 and many more. Listeners can also expect special musical Disney-themed hours and celebrity guest hosts.

    Disney Hits will launch on Thursday, March 25 at 12 PM ET and will be available to listeners nationwide on SiriusXM radios (channel 302) and on the SiriusXM app. For more information on SiriusXM’s Disney Hits channel visit:

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    06-13-2021, 08:37 PM #105
    Andy Cohen's Kiki Lounge debuted on May 26 on SiriusXM Channel 312. The slang word "kiki" dates from the 1940s and originally referred to a lesbian who is neither masculine nor feminine. It later became slang for an LGBT gathering and is now used for any social gathering. Here is how SiriusXM describes the channel: "Late night talk show host Andy Cohen invites you to his Kiki Lounge to discover songs you may not know from artists he loves. Hear a personally crafted mix of music from Andy that he loves to chill with and party to." Here is a small sample of the playlist. Non-charting singles are denoted by dashes.

    SiriusXM 312 – Andy Cohen's Kiki Lounge

    Ain't No Sunshine - Buddy Guy/Tracy Chapman (LP/2005)
    Angel - Aretha Franklin (20/1973)
    Black Boys On Mopeds - Sinéad O'Connor (LP/1990)
    Can You Feel It - Jacksons (77/1981)
    Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls/Peter O'Toole (52/1989)
    Cold - Annie Lennox (LP/1992)
    Dark Star - Grateful Dead (--/1968)
    Deadbeat Club - B-52's (30/1990)
    Don't Stop - Madonna (LP/1994)
    Dreams - Bastille/Gabrielle Aplin (LP/2012)
    Drowned World/Substitute For Love - Madonna (LP/1998)
    Eclipse - Pink Floyd (LP/1973)
    Every Girl Wants My Guy - Aretha Franklin (LP/1985)
    Every Word - Sade (LP/2000)
    Fast Changes - Seal (B/1996)
    Free - Ultra Naté (75/1997)
    Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John (LP/1973)
    Get It Right - Aretha Franklin (61/1983)
    Get Loose - Evelyn King (--/1983)
    Harvest Moon - Poolside (LP/2012)
    Home By The Sea - Genesis (LP/1983)
    I Ain't Been Licked - Diana Ross (LP/1979)
    I Feel Sanctified - Commodores (75/1974)
    I Go To Sleep - Pretenders (--/1981)
    I Luh Ya Papi - Jennifer Lopez/French Montana (77/2014)
    I'm Blowin' Away - Cher (LP/1996)
    I'm Gone - Dolly Parton (LP/2002)
    In My Life - Bette Midler (LP/1991)
    It's Alright - Pet Shop Boys (LP/1988)
    It's My House - Diana Ross (--/1979)
    Just Like Jesse James - Cher (8/1989)
    Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man - Lynn/Twitty (--/1973)
    Love's Divine - Seal (79/2004)
    Moon River - Frank Ocean (111/2018)
    Mother - Pink Floyd (LP/1979)
    Motherboard - Daft Punk (LP/2013)
    Muke Skinner Blues - Dolly Parton (--/1970)
    Music Inferno (Live) - Madonna (LP/2007)
    One Tree Hill - U2 (LP/1987)
    Perfume - Britney Spears (76/2013)
    Planet Claire - B-52's (--/1979)
    Remember Me - Diana Ross (16/1970)
    Rocky Top (Live) - Dolly Parton (LP/2004; recorded 2002)
    San Francisco - The Mowgli's (--/2012)
    Sandcastles - Beyoncé (43/2016)
    Shallow - Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (1/2018)
    Sorry - Madonna (58/2006)
    Sour Times - Portishead (LP/1994)
    Stairway To Heaven (Live) - Dolly Parton (LP/2004; recorded 2002)
    Stay By Me - Annie Lennox (LP/1992)
    Stop This Train - John Mayer (LP/2006)
    Strong - Robbie Williams (--/1999)
    Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of - U2 (52/2001)
    Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go - Soft Cell (8/1982)
    Take Me Home - Cher (8/1979)
    The Age Of Worry - John Mayer (LP/2012)
    The Best - Tina Turner (15/1989)
    The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - Cher (LP/1996)
    These Are Days - 10,000 Maniacs (66/1992)
    This Time Baby - Jackie Moore (--/1979)
    Tonight Tonight Tonight - Genesis (3/1987)
    Trouble Me - 10,000 Maniacs (44/1989)
    Upside Down (Live) - Destiny's Child (EP/2000)
    Warning Sign - Coldplay (LP/2002)
    Wash All Over Me - Madonna (LP/2015)
    We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder (13/1971)
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live) - Tom Petty (LP/2011, rec. 2004)
    Wild Horses - Sundays (LP/1992)
    With Or Without You - Keane (LP/2004)
    You Thought - Go-Go's (LP/1984)
    74 Is The New 24 - Giorgio Moroder (LP/2015)

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    This is sad news for everyone who enjoyed hearing the live version of Friends In Low Places ten times a day.

    SiriusXM's 'The Garth Channel' to end on October 1st

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    11-19-2022, 10:00 PM #107
    Here is the SiriusXM press release – but Perfectly Frank is not the only Sinatra radio channel. KKGO 105.1 HD3 in Los Angeles has had a Sinatra format since July 23, 2021:

    Come fly with the new 24/7 Frank Sinatra channel, Perfectly Frank

    Siriusly Sinatra Presents Perfectly Frank, an all-new channel launching November 23 and available only on the SXM App, playing nothing but Frank Sinatra! It’s the perfect place, night and day, to listen to Frank Sinatra’s music anytime.

    While Siriusly Sinatra (Channel 70) will continue to be the home of standards by Frank Sinatra along with Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and the greatest singers of all time, Perfectly Frank is the new 24-hour home for all things Sinatra on the SXM App. It’s the only Sinatra radio channel that plays hits from every era of his career, from The Voice to The Chairman Of The Board to Ol’ Blue Eyes. All the classic hits, rarities and live tracks are on Perfectly Frank. Perfectly Frank will also take over Siriusly Sinatra all Thanksgiving weekend — from 3am ET on Thanksgiving Day (November 24) until 3am ET on November 28.

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    Been a subscriber for about 13 years. Favorite channel is Deep Tracks. Would like to hear just music but do enjoy some of the concert recording breaks. My suggestion would be to severely limit play of artists that have their own stations. such as Springsteen, Grateful Dead, etc. Probably because I don't care for them but that's my problem. Addicts will tune them in for longer duration and I won't have to suffer, because it's all about me.

    I couldn't agree more. I've been a subscriber since 2005 and when those artists come that have a dedicated channel I change. Also, would love to see Jam On go back to Jam On. Phish is getting rather old. I know how about a Prog Rock Channel????

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    Is anyone here listening to the Women of Rock channel? I really like it. They play everything from Janis Joplin and Cher to Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish.

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