My wife and I recently bought a new vehicle that came with Sirius XM radio trial. It is the first time we have experienced satellite radio. And it came at a good time since I had already been complaining about public radio being completely useless. Playing only modern music and commercials all of the time.

But after a few weeks, I came to the conclusion that Sirius XM isn't worth paying for. Two main reasons why. First. The DJs talk too damn much. They talk over the music, which is typical fashion of public radio. When you're paying for radio, the music should be back to back without interruption. Additionally. I am a big fan of 70s, 80s, and classic rock. And I grew up with the original MTV VJs which are present on Sirius XM. But let me get one thing straight. Those jerks are "politically correct". I mean. WHen you're listening to an 80s station, the only fashion that matters is 80S FASHION! Right?? I heard Alan Hunter the other day referring to the people who criticized the new Ghostbusters movie as "trolls". He pretty much shot down 80s fanatics right on the 80s station. This is only one example of his odd behavior.

LOOK. If you can't cater to the 80s fans on an 80s station, GO WORK SOME PLACE ELSE ALAN HUNTER.

Second. The biggest deal breaker for me and Sirius XM is THEY PLAY THE SAME SONGS OVER AND OVER. Geez. I've had that radio on every day for 2 weeks and have heard Tom Petty played more on the Classic station than I have on his own station! The Hair Nation station plays the same 50 songs every day. I am sick to death of hearing "Here I Go Again" 3 times a day. If Dokken performs Alone Again again I will crack a window with a fist. Really.

Whoever is coming up with the playlists for this satellite radio service is a real dork. When my trial ends, I will be going back to my bluetooth playlists and being happy. Satellite radio sucks thanks to Sirius XM Radio!!