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    Sirius XM App not loading on Samsung Galaxy S7

    Hi...I'm a longtime customer of sirius xm. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and the app has always worked correctly on it. But back in late March I installed a mandatory update on my phone's OS. I'm not sure if its correlated but since that time my Sirius XM's "my SXM" feature hasn't worked right. The songs don't play all the way through, skip around and play over each other. I'm always getting a LOADING message while trying to play songs. I'm lucky if I hear 3 full songs in a 20 minute span! The App works fine when listening to live channels without customizing/mixing.
    I've tried logging off/logging on and uninstalling/reinstalling. Nothing works and XM customer service is useless.
    Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    The latest version is not working on my iPad at all. As soon as I hit play or go live on any station it instantly crashes. I've done all the same things you've done. I've never had this problem before. The version I am referring to is 4.1.2 I know this doesn't help you, but I'm insanely frustrated right now also.

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