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    not getting sirius (not sirius xm) on my 2 radios

    where I live I can't get Sirius xm . it comes in spotty. but I can get Sirius. that is until about the first part of march of this year. now my Sirius is just like Sirius xm, spotty. I've called Sirius at least once a month every month since march. they have me go through different procedures and tell me to wait and see if the procedures work. as of today my reception is still spotty. I have two radios, one built into a p.u. , and another that is a stratus 6 that I had installed in my 2012 Honda civic to replace the Sirius xm radio that was factory installed. I really like listening to the radio while driving, but i'm going to have to cancel and listen to my phone or fm. is anyone else having trouble with Sirius?

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    Where do you live? That might help get others here to reply.
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