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    Mel and The I-Pod

    What can be said of Mr. Karmazin's remarks regarding SIRIXM and the I-Pod (and other similar devices)? He expressed a negative attitude - shrugging off the potential, excitement and buzz of a bonafide arrangement with Apple (or others). Stating that SIRIXM desires to increase revenues but does not endeavor to create frequent press releases implying that such press releases are fluff - is disingenuous. All positive news via press releases are good for increasing revenue.

    (I wonder how a press release like this: "SIRIXM AND IPOD JOIN FORCES" would compare to today's press release "SIRI to feature special AC/DC channel")

    Perhaps Mel is concentrating on his own new wearable XM product. It should be an excellent product, but I did not appreciate Mel's attitude regarding competitive wearable products. An I-POD is not a toaster - not by a long shot.

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    Yeah. This comment worried me. Not because a deal with Apple didn't happen...but for the SHEER STUPIDITY and TOTAL LACK OF GOOD JUDGEMENT it showed by Mel.

    How can he say that with a straight face? That he only cares about things that will benefit Sirius?

    How would a deal with Apple NOT be good? Answer me that? Even if it was just a software based on on itunes music store.

    Exposure is exposure, and Mel of all people shouldn't be dismissing ANY new exposure to the public.

    Has he ever heard of "BUZZ" or GOOD publicity?

    And to liken the ipod to a toaster had to be the most ignorant comment I've ever heard!

    Yes, he should be working on IMMEDIATE things that will benefit Sirius. But he shouldn't poo poo ANY exposure Sirius can get.

    It's bad enough there has not been ONE friggin commercial yet telling the public at large about the combined company!

    Talking to the eggheads at a Meryll Lynch conference ain't exactly going to make it back to the average joe on the street.

    I bet if you asked a random person they wouldn't even KNOW SIRIUS AND XM MERGED!!!

    All I have to say is that IF its true what he said about the "BEST OF" being offered starting October 6th along with a la carte radios....HE BETTER SURE AS F UCK HAVE A COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGN READY TO AIR ON TV ABOUT IT!!!!

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    point 1: There are no commercials because there are no radios in the stores.

    point 2: The thing that disgusts me about Mels iPod (toaster) stance is that just a couple weeks ago, he was on cnbc saying he wanted Sirius on any device he could get it in.

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    New Ipod

    Clearly the new Ipod has been planned since well before the merger was official. I am sure that neither company wanted to Trump months of engineering and planning and spending to release a NEWER product than the NEW product they had been working on.

    Keep a look out for a better timed team up.

    This is quoted from physorg

    Maybe because pretty much everyone that would use an mp3 player already has one, and making them a little smaller isn't enough of an upgrade for someone to buy a new one. Plus, most new phones play mp3s, so why bother carrying two things around when you can carry one? Smaller is not innovative when it can simply be imbedded into something you already carry.

    If I was Apple I wouldn't be throwing much more money into new mp3 players. All these fast phones with G3 connections...When the subscriptions services finally incorporate properly into phones it will be a whole new deal. I'd love to have napster on my htc.
    and trust me, if the iphone got sirius xm satellite feeds you could listen to sirius content while talking on the phone....

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    This is what I have to say...
    with no delay
    Mr. K must go away
    Mel must bail!
    I just feel like rhyming, not sure why
    But seriously, I like what Jimmy said in his thread
    Mel should be replaced, not step down, but be replaced
    Why would you snub apple, a possible ally and partner, he's such an f'n genius.
    I better not hear that again.

    Mr. K must go away!!

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    Business 101: Supply = Demand
    If you REALLY REALLY want it, it will cost more.
    If you don't want it, perhaps the price will go down.

    Mel and Steve may have been working on a deal that was too expensive for Sirius to accept. Response? Mel goes national, and says we really don't need them. Then physorg that Romo pointed to comes and says subscriber based services are the future. Who knows, next you may start hear a rumbling about Sirius and Microsoft's Zune... That would bring Apple back to the table in a hurry, and with a much lower price as well.

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    timing is everything, with the muddled picture right now an announcement with an apple device could get swept aside and maybe even hurt both. Once the dust settles and "Sirius XM" is no longer "Sirius, XM and best of" then an announcement like that would make sense. IMO.