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    Sirius Sportster 4 - Presets are gone

    Last night we were using Sirius in the car.. Whet to see a show and when we came out and turned on the radio / sirius, all of the presets were gone.. said that presets were empty.. The radio / sirius was able to reset the presets and now it works again.. but for how long? Anyone else experience this problem before I suspect a faulty receiver?

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    happened to me right around the time of the merger. When I turned on my car, my sportster 4 said it was updating. After update all presets were gone. Reset them and has been fine ever since. Talked to someone at customer service and they said whatever the warranty may say doesnt really matter, they will usually replace your equipment if you have a current sub. Said the only time they dont is if you have a seriously outdated model'

    hope this helps!